The History of Doubleday Field

The History of Doubleday Field - The historical origins of Baseball were probably multi centric and took place in the middle of the 19th century. Precursors to the game go back thousands of years, if not farther. Nonetheless, there is in this country, at the present time, only one recognized "Shrine" to Baseball. The concept of such a place of historic significance goes back to the early 20th century when the game began to grow vigorously and when it had evolved to a sport with universally recognized and consistent rules of participation. The Grandstands erected at Baseball Field in Cooperstown in 1939 represent a truly prototypical "Ball Park," erected on land which was at least a very important part of the early days of baseball.

Doubleday Field , in its current form, with a covered grandstand behind home plate and bleachers nearly surrounding the rest of the field, is already an historic landmark. Its distinctive, early 19th century design, and the very fact that Babe Ruth and many other Hall of Famers made game appearances at Doubleday Field, present it as the perfect link to the past.

Today, Doubleday Field is owned entirely by the citizens of the Village of Cooperstown. At the present time and, for many years, the Village populace has committed itself to a very thorough program aimed at sustaining the field. Unfortunately, the ongoing demand for maintenance and a silent but critical need for Restoration and Preservation continues to present a significant financial burden to the Village.

Thus, the Friends of Doubleday have begun a capital campaign to renovate the infrastructure of the grandstands and build an endowment for the future. In an effort to guarantee broad participation by baseball fans everywhere, the Friends of Doubleday and the Village of Cooperstown have agreed to build a Plaza of paving bricks at the main approaches to Doubleday Field to recognize its generous donors for years to come.

The Friends of Doubleday is a non-profit Foundation dedicated to the Renovation and Preservation of the "Birthplace of Baseball," Doubleday Field. Started by several avid baseball fans from Ohio, the Friends of Doubleday has worked in conjunction with the Village of Cooperstown to develop a fund raising plan that allows widespread participation in the Renovation of Doubleday Field