Sports Memorabilia

The term sports memorabilia usually refers to anything that can be directly connected to a sports event or personality. These items are generally gathered by the fans of the particular sport, athlete or team that the item signifies or by collectors who find value in the rarity time-value of these collectibles. "Sports memorabilia" often refers to autographed sports items as well.

Sports Memorabilia History

Learn About Sports Memorabilia History

It could be said that collecting sports memorabilia goes back to the first decades of the 20th century, when many people would collect baseballs from baseball games and many asked Babe Ruth for autographs.

As years passed and many other sports stars joined their sports, memorabilia collectors also began to broaden their horizons. When the NBA, MLB, NHL and NFL began selling their jerseys in stores during the 1980s, game used jerseys also became a hot item among sports memorabilia collectors.

Memorabilia on eBay

About Buying Sports Memorabilia on eBay - eBay is a popular media for sellers and buyers. However many of the items sold on eBay are not from reputable dealers, and are often counterfeit - including the items that are sold with Certificates of Authenticity, because these can easily be faked. The only way to ensure that sports memorabilia is authentic is to make a purchase from a reputable dealer. Industry experts and law enforcement agencies estimate that a large number of the items sold in the sports memorabilia industry are counterfeit.