Unleash the Pitcher in You

Libro por Hector Berrios Book Unleash the Pitcher in YouLibro por Hector Berrios Book
"Unleash the Pitcher in You"

The Inner Secrets and Guide to Developing a Big League Pitcher.

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Unleash the Pitcher in You is a comprehensive, in-depth compilation of experience and extensive knowledge with an emphasis on a winning pitching philosophy.

It covers every facet of a pitcher, and it tackles many misconceptions and pitfalls inexperienced pitchers face throughout middle school, high school or college baseball tryouts and games.

The well-documented antidotes ensure that the reader will have a clear understanding of all phases of a successful pitcher.

Unleash the Pitcher in You content leads the reader through the core concepts of pitching, which includes the delivery, the proper use of the lower half of the body and the effect of the kinetic chain link that removes stress from the arm.

“Meeting Hector Berrios was a life changing experience that transformed me from a position player in Cuba to a Major League pitcher in September of 2019 with an increased velocity of 99/100 mph.” Ronald Bolaños, right-handed pitcher San Diego Padres.

The Author Hector L. Berrios, covers the mental aspect of the game from a pitcher’s perspective, challenges faced by pitchers, and it provides you with the blueprint on how to identify a hitter’s weakness to execute and deliver the right pitch. He gives you step-by-step physical preparation tips with key illustrations, not only for the season but offseason as you set goals for your upcoming personal victories.

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