Memorabilia on eBay

About Buying Sports Memorabilia on eBay - eBay is a popular media for sellers and buyers. However many of the items sold on eBay are not from reputable dealers, and are often counterfeit - including the items that are sold with Certificates of Authenticity, because these can easily be faked. The only way to ensure that sports memorabilia is authentic is to make a purchase from a reputable dealer. Industry experts and law enforcement agencies estimate that a large number of the items sold in the sports memorabilia industry are counterfeit.

Popular Sports Memorabiia Items - Collectors like to look back in time when they are finding sports memorabilia.

Popular items in sports memorabilia are "game-used" items. Game used can refer to an item worn on the field during a game, worn during the pregame, or by a player on the bench. These can include jerseys, pants, caps, helmets, gloves, shoes, or even sunglasses. Game Used can also refer to bats, balls, turf, flags, or other items used by a player on in the stadium.

In NASCAR, and other forms of automobile racing, the metal from the cars, the tires, the driver uniforms, and the crew uniforms are popular collectibles. Concrete from the various racetracks are also popular. Trunks (shorts or pants), used by popular boxers such as Greg Haugen in boxing fights are also popular and sometimes sell for 100 dollars or more on outlets such as eBay or websites like

In boxing, one of the most prominent sports memorabilia collectors is Bob Pace, who sells everything from fight posters to autographs. Pace has been in business since 1984.

Another sports star who is very requested by memorabilia collectors is Pete Rose. Many items used by the king of hits have sold for good prices, including one of his convertible cars, which was obtained by a collector who concentrates on Pete Rose memorabilia only. An article about this was published in a sports magazine.

Event programs are also highly collectible.