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Cooperstown New York Hotels and Motels - There are forty-three hotels, motels and inns in the Cooperstown area offering a wide range of amenities. Most are family owned and operated which distinguishes our area from other tourist destinations - these motels are likely to have a more homey atmosphere but not necessarily hi-tech services. Happily for those who require these comforts, we do have several larger hotel chains. Let our Room Availability System help you make your decision.

Cooperstown Bed and Breakfast

The Cooperstown area has almost 2000 rooms distributed among almost 200 accommodations - that's right, most of our accommodations have fewer than 10 rooms. To meet the challenge of finding who has rooms available, we have developed the Room Availability System which can help you find a room by category. We hope you will take advantage of this system.

The History of Doubleday Field

The History of Doubleday Field - The historical origins of Baseball were probably multi centric and took place in the middle of the 19th century. Precursors to the game go back thousands of years, if not farther. Nonetheless, there is in this country, at the present time, only one recognized "Shrine" to Baseball. The concept of such a place of historic significance goes back to the early 20th century when the game began to grow vigorously and when it had evolved to a sport with universally recognized and consistent rules of participation. The Grandstands erected at Baseball Field in Cooperstown in 1939 represent a truly prototypical "Ball Park," erected on land which was at least a very important part of the early days of baseball.